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Established in 2006 in London, UK, Parrot Video is a technology-enabled video editing studio with an award-winning team of editors and senior narrative writers who work on crafting every single video project we undertake.

We are part of the Mavericks Storm Entertainment group, and have worked with large brands like Clarks, O2 and Selfridges – and have always put story first since the day we were founded. As a result of this philosophy, we wanted to disrupt the traditional and expensive video editing process and empower our clients by making it customisable, transparent and fast.

Not long ago, we saw that many of our clients already owned a catalogue of high quality content and frequently requested our story development and editing skills to turn their assets into beautiful and influential narrative videos.

If you are a company, agency or influencer and already have photos or videos, logos or music – choose a package, upload your content, customise your project and we will turn it into a narrative video within 48 hours of Approval.

To get in touch email us at or call the London, UK office on +44 (0) 20 777 1111 2 (between 0900-1800 GMT)